NEATTA Representation at the Rochester County Fair.

For general inquiries about NEATTA or NEATTA events, please email Bev Baker.

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 Brian Chasse Assonet , MA     (508-644-2627)
Vice President

 Paul Camara    North Dartmouth, MA    (774-263-3269)

Liz Camara    North Dartmouth, MA    (774-955-4354)
Recording Secretary

Bev Baker    Rehoboth, MA   (508-222-7109)
Membership Secretary

Keri Jones    Taunton, MA   (508-823-0935)
Insurance  Secretary

Paul Camara     North Dartmouth, MA  (774-263-3269)
Saftey Officer

Tony Jerome  Jr   N. Dartmouth,  MA   (508-995-9745)


Ray Morgado   Rehoboth,  MA  (501-575-8246)    Farm Tractor Pulling Committee.

Paul Dean    Foxboro,  MA  (508-543-6801)    At Large.

Janet Kowzic   Buzzards Bay,  MA  (508-295-4758)   At Large.

Robert Alves    Westport, MA     (774-930-6207)  At Large.

Jerry Baker    Rehoboth,  MA  (508-269-8304)    At Large.

Frank Kowzic    Buzzards Bay,  MA  (508-295-4758)    Garden Tractor Pulling Committee.

Jim Vincent    Taunton,  MA  (508-822-9369)    Garden Tractor Pulling Committee.

Andrew Harding    Acushnet MA  (508-995-7275    At Large.

Tony Jerome  Jr   N. Dartmouth,  MA  (508-995-9745)   At Large.

Ken Foley    Rehoboth,  MA  (508-252-3212)    Advisory Member.

 Tom Soares    Rochester, MA  (508-763-8594)   Advisory Member.

Richie Lemieux    Rehoboth, MA   (508-252-3976)  Advisory Member.


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NEATTA 2018 Membership Application  and mail it in or bring it to the next NEATTA meeting or event.

Francis Farm. Francis Farm of Rehoboth, MA, the areas oldest clambake facility, sponsors NEATTA. Monthly meetings and many NEATTA events are held their for  (Directions)

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